Personality matters when it comes to being cuckolded.

Developing the proper personality traits can be extremely beneficial in your quest to be cuckolded.

According to me there are three personality types: The Lover personality, The Provider personality and the Looser chic. All women will subconsciously classify you into any one of these personality types irrespective of your looks or social and economic standing.

In my manual I have covered each of these personality types in detail and I have listed how each one of them affects your chances of getting your woman to cuckold you.

Men who want their women to cuckold them will fall under any one of these personality types. However the personality type that is most conducive for a cuckold lifestyle is the Provider personality. This is the personality type that gets your woman to agree to cuckold you but still remain emotionally loyal and faithful to you.  There is nothing more satisfying than having your woman cuckold you while still being crazy in love with you.

While it can take time to change your personality the best part is that the traits of the Provider personality type can be faked so that you appear as a provider personality type in no time at all.

Most men think that a Provider personality is one who is rich and who can provide a flamboyant lifestyle to his woman. This is not the case. You can get your woman to classify you into this personality type no matter from what background you are from.

In my manual I have listed ten techniques on how to get your woman to classify you into a provider personality in no time at all. The techniques are simple and are easy to incorporate in your day to day dealings with your woman.

You can check out the techniques in the manual as well as learn the various personality types in detail by going here.

Hope you have learnt something new.

Your friend,

Kole Raymond.

Cuckold Coach.

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